Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pretend You’re Famous - Episode 17 - Jessica

Here is episode 17 of my podcast, featuring the amazing jessica-messica.

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In this episode, Rachel and her friend Jessica get in-depth on comedy podcasts, Philadelphia, rabbits, Queens of the Stone Age, and anon hate! Find out the shocking truth about throwing batteries at Santa Claus, and marvel as Rachel continues to force the #ImpossibleLMG meme/parlor trick.  Finally, learn which celebrity baby is in these ladies’ prayers.  If you ever had a collection of VHS tapes of recorded tv shows, this podcast episode is for you. 

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pretend You’re Famous Bonus Episode: “I’ll Have What ME’S Having!”

Refresh your RSS feed to hear me answer all of the following 44 questions.

  1. From laughterkey
  2. From picklesandwine
  3. From littlequeentrashmouth
  4. From jessica-messica

For some reason these always come out really quiet so apologies if you have to crank the vol way up.  I did do some editing on this one; there were longish pauses where I was trying to think up answers. I am really not that spontaneous ;-)


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guess what.

I’m trying to bring my podcast (Pretend You’re Famous) back.

In 2012, I did 15 episodes, recorded a sixteenth and then classically flaked out.  Earlier this month, I got it together and edited that episode and quietly put it on the feed.

Today I was looking at my feed page (RSSpect) and it said

15 current post(s)
(1 old post(s) have been pushed off the feed)

The fuck? I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I’m so sorry. I’m trash.

Rsspect is free so I can’t get too mad about them having a 15-post limit, but it’s EVER SO FRUSTRATING, because my preference would be to have all episodes available for people at all times.  

So here’s the thing - if you’re already a subscriber, the new episodes will come down like normal.  But if you need an old post for some reason, only the 15 most recent ones will be there, in iTunes, on the RSSpect feed

However!  On my own site I can Be In Total Control, Huh?  And have all the posts on a backup feed.  You can always subscribe to this one instead/in addition to.  

I am sorry for making something that many people already find daunting more annoying and complicated.  I guess the TL;DR is just use the new feed if you are a new subscriber or need the old episodes for some other reason. 

Or if you aren’t interested in subscribing in any way, you can go brute force and manually download episodes here

Monday, August 5, 2013

KGBCast 109

I know I talk a lot about podcasts, but last week I finally did something about it.  I got to appear on episode 109 of the KGBCast with my friends Kurtis and Gavin!  If you listen to it, it’s a lot like hanging out with me because of all the singing and recounting of stand-up bits.

Episode page:



This episode includes a discussion of the Norwegian Texting Fox, as well as sinful, sinful popular music.  There’s also talk about one of those murder TV shows you guys like.  Marvel at how silent I get once we start talking about “songs of the summer” post-2003!  It’s mainly a humorous episode but we do touch on some serious topics I think.

Monday, December 31, 2012

scoldylocked said: Question: Would the Comedy Bang Bang podcast be good to listen to while running? I.e., is it engaging? And does it have smaller segments or is it just like one big thing? I'm asking instead of listening to it myself, because I like to delegate.

It usually is one big thing for the first…third? Or like it will start out with just Scottabot and one guest, and then they bring in the other guest (someone doing a character).  Then they will get into games like Who Said It, What Am I Thinking, Hollywood Facts, and of course Would You Rather.  If Harris Wittels is there, they have Harris’s Foam Corner.  It can get pretty goofy - like I’ve never laughed so hard I’ve fallen off the treadmill but I did once have to leave my desk and go to the “Mother’s Room” the first time I heard Bob Ducca’s list of ailments.  I think it’s really engaging.  Start with a PFT episode, maybe the one with him and Gillian Jacobs.  Or one with Jessica St. Clair as Marissa Wompler (Womp up the Jamz!)

If you’re looking for a show with segments, Who Charted definitely has that: Movie Chart, Music Chart, and then Guest Chart.  Pop My Culture also has segments - the free-form interview and then Cole and Vanessa each have their own questions.  

I’m publishing this so other peeps can give their thoughts on how it is to run and listen to CBB, or other shows they recommend for running. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ken Marino worrying he had actually angered a wizard on Pop My Culture brought a tear of joy to my eye. 

"I thought you were saying I really did anger a wizard, and I got really frightened"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some guy named Buddy says he baked something for Earwolf?

Happy 2nd Birthday Earwolf!


Some guy named Buddy says he baked something for Earwolf?

Happy 2nd Birthday Earwolf!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This week in Rush mentions on podcasts

  1. Doug Loves Movies - Black/Mantzoukas/Hill/Glaser (Friday 7/6)
    Michael Ian Black forcefully states that “the rock band Rush” is the best Rush you can have (compared with the new Joseph Gordon Levitt bicycle movie, “Premium Rush.”)  Jason Mantzoukas agrees, and Doug chimes in saying, “I like Rush, I like high-pitched things.”
  2. Comedy Bang Bang #166 (Monday 7/9)
    Harris Wittels asks “Is that Neil Peart [Pert]?” upon hearing Scott Aukerman beatboxing in his song with Chelsea Peretti.

I listened to both of these today & was a little grumpy I hadn’t been alerted before. So here is my alert - for everybody else.  Harris also mentioned Yes on an Analyze Phish once, that was cool.

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