Friday, March 1, 2013

On episode 24 of The Fogelnest Files, writer/actor/comedian Fred Stoller was Jake’s guest.  At the tail end of the show, Jake read this list of brain-dump ideas Fred came up with when he was trying to power through writer’s block when he was working on Seinfeld.  I thought it was really funny and I love lists and I don’t mind typing out things I hear on pods so here goes!  (also maybe it can be a counterpoint to the popular “Seinfeld Today” twitter)

  1. Jerry insults Manute Bol.
  2. Jerry puts coins in his closet and they leak downstairs.
  3. At the pharmacy they want to know how Jerry used every one of his Band-Aids.
  4. He finds a karate school is using him as an example of a typical bully.
  5. Jerry finds out that his plumber has been sleeping in his sink (Fred chimed in with “My cat does that,” when Jake read this one)
  6. Jerry pretends that he is on a sequestered jury to avoid someone.

Egon the cat got a mention so this was a p. great episode, in all.


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