Thursday, February 21, 2013


The Fogelnest Files: That One Guy

The one and only Fred Stoller is here to rant about Best Week Ever, hipsters pretending to be nerds, and Dennis Miller on today’s episode of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Fred shares his love of character actors, expands on some of the amazing stories from his Amazon Kindle Single My Seinfeld Year, and talks about his infamous agent Ari Emanuel. Then Fred & Jake take a look at a couple of clips that include; footage of the New York Improv from the 1970s, Jimmy “Dy-no-mite!” Walker, and Tootsie. Make sure to go leave reviews for which Bob Newhart show you liked better in “The Fogelnest Files” section on iTunes. Don’t forget to get your tickets for the special Burning Love episode of THE FOGELNEST FILES with Nick Kroll, June Diane Raphael, and Kumail Nanjiani, on Thursday, February 28th at UCB-LA!

this makes me happy :)


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