Friday, April 18, 2014

30 Days of Comedy Bang Bang - Day 9

9.) Favorite James Adomian character

It used to be Huell Howser, but I think he’s retired now due to the real Huell’s untimely passing :( So my new favorite is Tom Leykis, because he is SUCH a monster that it’s ridiculous. And he has had two classic appearances with Poehler and the Bammer.  YOUKNOWWHATTIMTALKINGBOUT?!?!  



Finally going back to sleek 16 jhours layer, goodnight lovelies.

Michael hit the flatness.


Looking back: The Mug Shot Journal

About a decade ago, I started taking pictures of fellow improvisors holding a whiteboard with their names on it, so I could remember who everyone was. Years later, Keith Huang, a much better photographer (and eventually the artistic director of the People’s Improv Theatre) took up the torch, and has been taking great pictures of funny people ever since. 

This article is a fitting tribute to Keith and his beautiful photos. Together, we have taken pictures of hundreds of talented and wonderful people, some of whom you may recognize. 

The large pictures above are his, the small ones are mine, and the last one is his picture of me, the only as-yet not famous person on this page.

Keith’s photos | My photos (pt. 1) | My photos (pt. 2)

Thursday, April 17, 2014


an ad for Ride-Along on DVD and BluRay during Review :’D



now i’m sad



now i’m sad

though I never understood yanking Wake Up Wakefield; Jazz Times Ten’s version of “Pick Up The Pieces” was basically on the same level as Conan’s Basic-Cable Name That Tune.




remember when I figured out that “Teamocil" is the same as "Limberlegs" from Mr. Show?  

the Speakeasy with PFT theme song is the same thing as Give Up The Ham

but now I need to know if it’s like an instrumental version of a forgotten golden oldie, a Beautiful Music or smooth jazz-type song that never had lyrics to begin with, or some sort of royalty-free stock music available for TV shows and such.  I have a powerful need to know this.


Give up the ham! Peace and unity, give up the ham…

It is so so close to Spooky but not quite it exactly.  

oh yeah!! Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you.  Spoo-kay!  

(I mean, I agree that that’s not it, but it was fun to be reminded of that song)

Also I was telling Sandy, it’s probably a real song because as we sadly know, SNL sketches with real songs (The Culps, Wake Up Wakefield, etc) are almost impossible to find online in legit formats.  Legit = not a camera held up to a TV.